Re: [Intel-gfx] [RFC DO NOT MERGE] treewide: use __xchg in most obvious places

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On 10.01.2023 12:07, Andy Shevchenko wrote:
On Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 11:53:06AM +0100, Andrzej Hajda wrote:
This patch tries to show usability of __xchg helper.
It is not intended to be merged, but I can convert
it to proper patchset if necessary.

There are many more places where __xchg can be used.
This demo shows the most spectacular cases IMHO:
- previous value is returned from function,
- temporary variables are in use.

As a result readability is much better and diffstat is quite
nice, less local vars to look at.
In many cases whole body of functions is replaced
with __xchg(ptr, val), so as further refactoring the whole
function can be removed and __xchg can be called directly.


  arch_uretprobe_hijack_return_addr(unsigned long trampoline_vaddr,
  				  struct pt_regs *regs)
-	unsigned long orig_ret_vaddr;
-	orig_ret_vaddr = regs->ARM_lr;
-	/* Replace the return addr with trampoline addr */
-	regs->ARM_lr = trampoline_vaddr;
-	return orig_ret_vaddr;
+	return __xchg(&regs->ARM_lr, trampoline_vaddr);

If it's not a callback, the entire function can be killed.
And this is a good example of the function usage.
OTOH, these places might have a side effect (if it's in deep CPU
handlers), means we need to do this carefully.


  static inline void *qed_chain_produce(struct qed_chain *p_chain)
-	void *p_ret = NULL, *p_prod_idx, *p_prod_page_idx;
+	void *p_prod_idx, *p_prod_page_idx;
if (is_chain_u16(p_chain)) {
  		if ((p_chain->u.chain16.prod_idx &
@@ -390,11 +391,8 @@ static inline void *qed_chain_produce(struct qed_chain *p_chain)
- p_ret = p_chain->p_prod_elem;
-	p_chain->p_prod_elem = (void *)(((u8 *)p_chain->p_prod_elem) +
-					p_chain->elem_size);
-	return p_ret;
+	return __xchg(&p_chain->p_prod_elem,
+		      (void *)(((u8 *)p_chain->p_prod_elem) + p_chain->elem_size));

Wondering if you still need a (void *) casting after the change. Ditto for the
rest of similar cases.

IMHO it is not needed also before the change and IIRC gcc has an extension which allows to drop (u8 *) cast as well [1].




Btw, is it done by coccinelle? If no, why not providing the script?

Yes I have used cocci. My cocci skills are far from perfect, so I did not want to share my dirty code, but this is nothing secret:

expression x, v;
local idexpression p;
-       p = x;
-       x = v;
-       return p;
+       return __xchg(&x, v);

@depends on r1@
expression e;
-       &*e,
+       e,

@depends on r1@
expression t;
-       if (t) {
+       if (t)
                return __xchg(...);
-       }

@depends on r1@
type t;
identifier p;
expression e;
-       t p;
-       t p = e;
        ... when != p


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