Re: [PATCH] clk: constify the of_phandle_args argument of of_clk_provider

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On 16/02/2024 00:12, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> Quoting Krzysztof Kozlowski (2024-02-08 08:37:10)
>> None of the implementations of the get() and get_hw() callbacks of
>> "struct of_clk_provider" modify the contents of received of_phandle_args
>> pointer.  They treat it as read-only variable used to find the clock to
>> return.  Make obvious that implementations are not supposed to modify
>> the of_phandle_args, by making it a pointer to const.
>> Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Kozlowski <krzysztof.kozlowski@xxxxxxxxxx>
>> ---
> This will almost certainly break the build once it is merged to
> linux-next. What's your plan to merge this?

First problem is that it might not apply... I prepared it on next to be
sure all subsystems are updated.

The idea is to get reviews and acks and then:
1. Maybe it applies cleanly to your tree meaning there will be no
conflicts with other trees,
2. If not, then I can keep rebasing it and it should be applied after rc1.

Best regards,

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