Re: [PATCH] arm: dts: omap3: Migrate hsmmc driver to sdhci driver

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* Tony Lindgren <tony@xxxxxxxxxxx> [240213 12:56]:
> * Adam Ford <aford173@xxxxxxxxx> [240213 12:41]:
> > The sdhci driver has been around for several years, and it supports
> > the OMAP3 family.  Instead of using the older driver, let's finally
> > migrate to the newer one.
> I think we also should do these to avoid incomplete conversion:
> - ti,dual-volt property can be dropped
> - ti,non-removable should become non-removable
> - ti,omap3-pre-es3-hsmmc probably should not be needed with sdhci

Hmm actually we may need to set SDHCI_QUIRK_NO_MULTIBLOCK for
compatible ti,omap3-pre-es3-hsmmc.



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