Re: [09/10] clk: ti: Less function calls in _ti_clkctrl_clk_register() after error detection

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>    drivers/clk/ti/clkctrl.c: In function '_ti_clkctrl_clk_register':
>>> drivers/clk/ti/clkctrl.c:330:1: error: 'free_init_name' undeclared (first use in this function)
>    328	cleanup:
>    329		kfree(clkctrl_clk);
>  > 330	free_init_name;
>    331		kfree(;
>    332		return ret;

Will it become helpful to fix a typo for the delimiter of the shown label?


Are you looking for further adjustments according to software design options
which would be supported by the file “cleanup.h”?


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