Re: AM3517 Timer busy regression on 6.1.y branch

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* Adam Ford <aford173@xxxxxxxxx> [230905 15:02]:
> Tony et al
> ,
> I am trying to run the 6.1.y branch on an AM3517-EVM.
> There are two GPT that throw an error:
>  ti-sysc: probe of failed with error -16
>  ti-sysc: probe of failed with error -16

These two timers are in use as clocksource and clockevent reserved
by timer-ti-dm-systimer.

> I did some minor investigation and found sysc_check_active_timer() is
> returning the busy condition.
> I tracked this back a bit further and found that if I revert commit
> a12315d6d270  ("bus: ti-sysc: Make omap3 gpt12 quirk handling SoC
> specific"), this error condition goes away.
> It almost looks to me like sysc_check_active_timer is defaulting to
> -EBUSY when the SoC is not 3430, but the sysc_soc_match[] doesn't
> appear to match to AM3517.
> I think the proper solution is to treat the AM35* as 3430.  Do you
> agree with that approach?
> If so, I'll submit a patch with a fixes tag. I am also wondering how
> far back I should mark the fixes tag.

Yes am3517 is very similar to 3430. Sounds like the patch would
be needed also against the current kernels, right?



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