Re: [PATCH v7 0/5] Introduce IEP driver and packet timestamping support

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This series was applied to netdev/net-next.git (main)
by David S. Miller <davem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

On Thu, 24 Aug 2023 17:16:13 +0530 you wrote:
> This series introduces Industrial Ethernet Peripheral (IEP) driver to
> support timestamping of ethernet packets and thus support PTP and PPS
> for PRU ICSSG ethernet ports.
> This series also adds 10M full duplex support for ICSSG ethernet driver.
> There are two IEP instances. IEP0 is used for packet timestamping while IEP1
> is used for 10M full duplex support.
> [...]

Here is the summary with links:
  - [v7,1/5] dt-bindings: net: Add ICSS IEP
  - [v7,2/5] dt-bindings: net: Add IEP property in ICSSG
  - [v7,3/5] net: ti: icss-iep: Add IEP driver
  - [v7,4/5] net: ti: icssg-prueth: add packet timestamping and ptp support
  - [v7,5/5] net: ti: icssg-prueth: am65x SR2.0 add 10M full duplex support

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