Re: [PATCH] net: ti/cpsw_new: Expose the same module parameters as ti/cpsw.

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On Mon, Aug 14, 2023 at 02:13:21PM -0700, Graeme Smecher wrote:
> The "old" CPSW driver (cpsw.c) exports the following module parameters:
> 	- ti_cpsw.debug_level
> 	- ti_cpsw.ale_ageout
> 	- ti_cpsw.rx_packet_max
> 	- ti_cpsw.descs_pool_size
> This patch exposes the same parameters for the "new" CPSW driver:
> 	- ti_cpsw_new.debug_level
> 	- ti_cpsw_new.ale_ageout
> 	- ti_cpsw_new.rx_packet_max
> 	- ti_cpsw_new.descs_pool_size
> It seems like consistency between the two drivers is a reasonable goal.

The new driver was written because the old driver had a lot of bad
practices. module parameters are bad practices, there are better APIs
to use. So that is why they are not present.

ethtool has an API to set debug_level. descs_pool_size sounds a lot
like ethtool --set-ring. I don't know what the other two do, but look
to see if ethtool has an option to set them.


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