[PATCH 0/2] pinctrl-single: introduce am654-padconf compatible

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The K3 family of SOCs use certain bits of the padconfig registers like
WKUP_EVT and WKUP_EN to enable daisychain wakeups.

For example, these bits are described in the AM654 TRM [0] under
"Table 5-517. Description Of The Pad Configuration Register Bits"

This series adds the DT binding changes for adding the compatible and
also the driver changes which make use of this compatible.

NOTE: Some K3 SoCs may have these bits marked as reserved which means
that they don't support IO daisychain. Such SOCs are not expected to use
this compatible.

The general expected usage is when the device is in a suspended state like Deep
Sleep or Suspend to RAM, and any IO activity on configured pads can
trigger a wakeup.

Link to complete series:

Base commit:
71cd4fc492ec (tag: next-20230808, linux-next/master) Add linux-next specific files for 20230808

depends on:

which has been picked up by Linus Walleij in his tree here:

However, it hasn't reflected in -next yet so specifying the depends on

[0] https://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/spruid7

Cc: Nishanth Menon <nm@xxxxxx>
Cc: Vignesh Raghavendra <vigneshr@xxxxxx>
Cc: Tony Lindgren <tony@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Conor Dooley <conor.dooley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Krzysztof Kozlowski <krzysztof.kozlowski@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Rob Herring <robh+dt@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Haojian Zhuang <haojian.zhuang@xxxxxxxxxx>

Dhruva Gole (1):
  dt-bindings: pinctrl: pinctrl-single: add ti,am654-padconf compatible

Tony Lindgren (1):
  pinctrl: single: Add compatible for ti,am654-padconf

 .../devicetree/bindings/pinctrl/pinctrl-single.yaml        | 1 +
 drivers/pinctrl/pinctrl-single.c                           | 7 +++++++
 2 files changed, 8 insertions(+)


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