Re: [PATCH V7 2/4] firmware: ti_sci: Add support for querying the firmware caps

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On 17:20-20230804, Dhruva Gole wrote:
> From: Georgi Vlaev <g-vlaev@xxxxxx>

> +	/*
> +	 * fw_caps 1st bit is used to check Generic capability. Other than
> +	 * that the 1:4 bits are used for various LPM capabilities.
> +	 * The API is buggy on SYSFW 9.00 and below, on some devices.
> +	 * Hence, to avoid any sort of bugs arising due to garbage values
> +	 * Let's allow the fw_caps to be set to whatever the firmware
> +	 * says only on devices listed under has_lpm. These devices should
> +	 * have lpm features tested and implemented in the firmware
> +	 * and only then should they be added to has_lpm struct.
> +	 * Otherwise, set the value to 1 that is the default.
> +	 */
> +	if (fw_caps && soc_device_match(has_lpm))
> +		*fw_caps = resp->fw_caps;
> +	else
> +		*fw_caps = resp->fw_caps & MSG_FLAG_CAPS_GENERIC;

Fix your firmware please. drop the has_lpm stuff.. that is what caps is

As part of ti_sci_setup_ops you get info where you can check ABI version
where this is valid and which is not, ti_sci_msg_cmd_query_fw_caps can
be populated based on that check. That is the reason info is passed to
setup_ops and why we have ABI IDs in the first place.


Nishanth Menon
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