dosemu2 in Linux; syncpipe[0] < MAX_FD' failed, cpu exception in dosemu code outside of VM86

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I run an old-school bulletin board (online system), and I've been using dosemu2 in Linux to run 16-bit DOS online games ("door games"). I've noticed that when that computer has been running a while (it could be after just a few days, or a week or more), dosemu2 starts failing when it runs, and it gives this error:

dosemu.bin: ./build/../src/base/misc/ioctl.c:306: void ioselect_init(void): Assertion `syncpipe[0] < MAX_FD' failed.ERROR: cpu exception in dosemu code outside of VM86()!Aborted (Signal sent by tkill() 441761 1000)ERROR: Please install gdb, update dosemu from git, compile it with debuginfo and make a bug report with the content of ~/.dosemu/boot.log at provide any additional info you can, like the test-cases,URLs and all the rest that fits.

When it happened most recently, I was using dosemu2 2.0~pre9-8412-b15ad8fad+202312111916~ubuntu22.04.1. I'm wondering what might cause this error?


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