Re: one error down maybe two to go.

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12.05.2021 01:16, Jude DaShiell пишет:
For the record these are the two remaining errors once exitemu is run.

They are not "remaining".
They are result of other errors.
As such, fixing them is not productive.

ERROR: libao: unable to get driver id

1. misconfigured libao (see "man libao.conf",
but most likely your distro just doesn't
properly build it).
2. dosemu is not compiled with sdl,
or libao won't happen at all.

ERROR: alsa_midi (ALSA lib): rawmidi_hw.c:235:(snd_rawmidi_hw_open) : No
such file or directory open /dev/snd/midiC0D0 failed
I fixed the code page error by editing /etc/profile and ~/.bash_profile
files, sometimes it doesn't pay to trust systemd.
The alsa-midi error above if it is an error can't find a device or file
it's supposed to open.  Probably since I haven't got the right package or
packages installed on this system to make that happen.


libao is definitely on the system so why its ID can't be found is
Better concentrate on why sdl
is not compiled in. libao is out
of support on many distros, and
is not properly built/configured
by them.

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