Re: sound card detection

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When running exitemu it appears sound resources aren't being found.  This
is with usb sound being used.  I have things here I can use to throw rocks
at it inside dosemu and find out what happens and based on your
information I think I'll try that and see if it actually works.  If this
does work then these errors are incorrect and it's nice to run into
incorrect errors once in a while.

On Tue, 11 May 2021, Julius Schwartzenberg wrote:

> Your sound card is fully managed through ALSA and possibly PulseAudio. dosemu2
> simply uses the sound card that is available. What problem are you running
> into?
> Op 10-05-2021 om 01:16 schreef Jude DaShiell:
> > Has dosemu2 got any tool that can be used to search and find a sound card
> > on a system and set it up like the soundblaster diagnose.exe utility used
> > to do before Linux?
> >

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