Re: dosemu2 very interesting results

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I forgot to include the list:

Glad you got dosemu2 to run!

The standard installation indeed doesn't have all the typical utilities. A script to install these is available through an extra package:

I don't think SDL will help you. There is also X11 mode with -X, but I think the text modes help you most, -t is the regular terminal mode.

Op 07-04-2021 om 21:54 schreef Jude DaShiell:
A contact built dosemu2 on debian and I installed it.
When I ran dosemu -dumb it came up and left me at the c: prompt.  A tmp directory on the hard disk in /home/jude/.dosemu/drive_c/ but no more than that.  edlin wasn't there among other expected utilities one would find in dos.
I can live with that.
When I tried running without dumb though I got a boot.log.3 that was over 1,000 lines long.  radeon and dosemu2 don't get along all that well.  I was curious to find out what would happen with sdl and the sdl package is on this debian instance.  The deb packages are not in the debian archive this was another debian user who had a slow day at work and built this for me. I'll try putting some dos utilities and programs in the drive_c directory then find out if they can run on next boot into dosemu2.
More later as I figure it out.

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