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I'd definitely be interested in submitting a feature request.  The use
case is to enable inbound connectivity to a variety of DOS-based BBS
applications that were built to answer calls on RS-232 modems.  I have
a high level sense that some portion of the AT command set has to be
implemented, and that perhaps RS-232 signals/pins also have to be
emulated.  BBS's had to cope with a variety of modems that had various
behavioral differences, but I don't have enough comprehension or
knowledge to articulate the common or essential features to emulate.
I think 95% compatibility with DOS-based BBS's would be a good target.

It looks like tcpser would accept inbound tcp and provide modem
emulation, but not provide a virtual serial device that could be
exposed to dosemu2.

It looks like socat would accept inbound tcp and link to a PTY, but
not provide modem emulation and, perhaps, would not provide enough
emulation of a serial device (RS-232 signals).

tty0tty ( might fill i for serial
emulation and enable tcpser -> tty0tty -> dosemu -> BBS, but I can't
get the darn thing to install so far.

On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 2:53 AM stsp <stsp2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 01.07.2020 05:34, Steve Bourg пишет:
> > Does dosemu2's virtual modem support inbound telnet connections or is
> > it an outbound only feature?
> So far yes.
> No one have asked for an incoming.
> You can do so in a github tracker.
> If you are a programmer, you can
> as well code up the patch.
> >    If the latter, is something like tcpser
> > my best option for receiving inbound telnet and feeding that into a
> > dosemu com port?
> socat it a well-known tool for such things.
> You need to establish the link between
> PTY and TCP socket with it.

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