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Dear all,
I am just starting using dosemu.
I have Debian 8 guest running in VirtualBox and am connecting to it
using Putty on Windows7 host.
While trying to execute "dosemu remdir_c.bat" that calls DOS exe file
I am getting following error:

root@myhost:/home/user2/DOS/H# dosemu remdir_c.bat
ERROR: X: Can't open display "".
Either the connection was refused and you do not have enough
access rights to connect to your X server or there is
something wrong with the contents of your DISPLAY variable.
If the connection was refused then please consult your system
administator or read the X documentation for a solution
(use xauth, xhost, or ssh -X).

I tired:
- Setting enable X11 forwarding in Putty with X Display location on
- Setting export DISPLAY="" with different IPs:, localhost,,, etc.
- installing xauth
- copying .Xauthority from user2 home to root
- running "xauth list"
- in /etc/ssh/sshd_config: X11Forwarding yes

Any help would be highly appreciated,
Thanks a lot in advance

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