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Yes there is!  It has been included in every version of Windows since
Windows 2000 (or WinNT way back in the day).  I think I would need to
pull out that binary from the partition itself (along with one or two
dependencies), unmount the NTFS partition, and run that utility.  Good
to hear that dosemu is closer to what I was looking for that DosBox.

Thanks for all your help!

On 9/20/18, Stas Sergeev <stsp@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> 20.09.2018 23:42, David Henderson пишет:
>> Good afternoon! I am working on a project that I would need to run
>> some DOS executables from the Linux command line (e.g. chkdsk.exe). I
>> briefly looked at DosBox, but it requires a GUI environment and is
>> geared towards games. Does dosemu allow me to run something like
>> chkdsk.exe on an NTFS partition from within Linux?
> Is there a chkdsk.exe for DOS that supports NTFS?
> Anyway, partition access is supported but not well
> tested. Try your things on a partition image in the
> file first. If that works fine, then there are chances
> that partition will also work.

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