Re: [v6 PATCH 00/21] x86: Enable User-Mode Instruction Prevention

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08.03.2017 03:32, Ricardo Neri пишет:
These are the instructions covered by UMIP:
* SGDT - Store Global Descriptor Table
* SIDT - Store Interrupt Descriptor Table
* SLDT - Store Local Descriptor Table
* SMSW - Store Machine Status Word
* STR - Store Task Register

This patchset initially treated tasks running in virtual-8086 mode as a
special case. However, I received clarification that DOSEMU[8] does not
support applications that use these instructions.
Yes, this is the case.
But at least in the past there was an attempt to
support SLDT as it is used by an ancient pharlap
DOS extender (currently unsupported by dosemu1/2).
So how difficult would it be to add an optional
possibility of delivering such SIGSEGV to userspace
so that the kernel's dummy emulation can be overridden?
It doesn't need to be a matter of this particular
patch set, i.e. this proposal should not trigger a
v7 resend of all 21 patches. :) But it would be useful
for the future development of dosemu2.
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