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Since this list looks pretty quiet, I wonder why not to post
the dosemu2 announcements here.
As many of you already know, dosemu2 is a new project
that was originally based on dosemu1 sources, but is so
much different that it should be considered a new project
rather than the fork. License is different as well.
The compatibility with dosemu1 is fully kept only for the
default setup. If your setup is customized and dosemu2
can't handle it, feel free to ask questions - we don't have
a migration guide yet, and since the default setup is fully
supported, there is never a very good reason for me to
write one. :)

dosemu2 is a very small project, mostly done in my spare
time (with big thanks to a few other contributors!), so I
don't want it to be widely announced or taken by distros:
this will immediately lock us into a compatibility cage, as
well as overflow the bug tracker. But as for this ML - why
not to try.
Announcement below.
Happy DOSing! :)


@stsp stsp <> released this 20 hours ago · 8 commits <> to devel since this release

We have around 500 commits since pre5 with the highlights below:

 * KVM is now enabled by default on 64bit builds. A huge speed-up!
 * SDL plugin now uses hardware-accelerated texture updates instead of
   the (slow) drawing surface
 * virtual modem support is added
 * serial port fifos now work again (were broken/unsupported in dosemu2
   but worked in dosemu1)
 * DPMI context switching is rewritten for speed-up, using a new linux
   kernel extensions and the code from libtask and libpcl
 * default DPMI memory size enlarged to 128Mb, which is enough for all
   known DOS programs
 * new builtin command is added that runs DOS commands
   specified via the unix env vars. Similar functionality in
   is kept for compatibility.
 * DOSDRIVE_D var is removed. Use new DOSDRIVE_EXTRA variable.
 * mouse driver got a huge overhaul for improved robustness in non-grab
 * winos2 mouse extension is implemented for better support of the OS/2
   mouse driver under windows-3.1
 * middle mouse button is now supported (was broken)
 * dosdebug fixes
 * many fixes to SDL plugin
 * the home dir is no longer exposed to DOS by default. Use -home if
   you need this.
 * added -cdrom option that tries to mount the cdrom and expose it to DOS
 * $_hdimage option can now embed environment variables
 * many performance bottlenecks were located and fixed
 * many fixes and updates

See NEWS for more info.

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