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31.01.2016 03:16, Luca Rossi пишет:
hi, i'm Alex from sicily
i've found this interesting program for linux and apparently it's
capable of running my beloved videogame (carmageddon 1) on native HW,
i'd like to ask you if there is a simple solution for having an USB
drive with linux and dosemu, the actual question is... what linux
distro is best just for this pourpose?
dosemu needs a recent enough kernel (something like >= 4.1),
SDL2, not-so-recent fluidsynth (not from git) and ladspa (optional).
With these it will provide quite good sound/video capabilities.
See for a more complete list of dependencies.
Then you can check those with any distro you have.

  i've tried dosbox on windows
and it goes slow even on my "rig", with knoppix 7.4.2 it works, but no
sound (not with 7.6.1), even on a 2003 (A.C.) machine :)
dosbox has a good sound support too.
It is likely your fault that it doesn't work for you.
dosemu2 has the slightly more advanced sound stack (with microphone
support) but dosbox emulates more sound cards (dosemu2 is limited
to sb16).
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