Re: Warning about kernel 4.2 performance (revised)

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16.10.2015 05:07, solarflow99 пишет:
this is great if this provides an easier way to make dos programs work
in 64 bit mode.  In the thread it sounds like vm86 might still be
used, so not sure which way it should go,
vm86 never worked in 64bit mode.
This is actually the reason I didn't rush re-implementing it
in the kernel: I don't even use it myself, so I felt very guilty
even defending it in lkml.
So I guess the kvm efforts that Bart started, will eventually
do the trick better than vm86 ever could. But this will require
some coding efforts to get right. Much less in dosemu2 than
in dosemu1, because dosemu2 was already freed from most
vm86 ugly dependencies (but not all, as it now appears).

Switching to KVM would change things a lot, dosemu2 would make sense for that.
For some workloads (heavy games, gfx effects etc) dosemu2
without vm86 is faster than dosemu1 with vm86. Try
Destruction Derby, Settlers2, NFS-SE or even doom2 to
see the difference (vm86 is not in a big use for these games
though, that's why the difference will be serious).
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