Fwd: DOSemu still alive?

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I've been skimming the archives and didn't see much activity recently.

I setup  DOSemu on a  Linux mint 17 XFCE 32 bit...
and mapped a directory /data  using lredir    p:

Was able to use a dos program but it freezes when using F2 to invoke a
command. (PeachTree 13)
Was thinking of putting in MS Dos 622 but don't know how to do the
file/directory mapping that is required.
Need multiple dosemu sessions running, that all share the same data
folder on the linux drive.
(I plan to use vnc server to put the sessions on two or three work stations.)

I tried Dosbox but everything lives inside a drive image container,
thus no sharing of data between sessions. Same for Virtual box.

Is it possible to boot in to 622 but still have the dosemu functions
available (i.e. lredir)?
(are the commands distinct files that can be copied.)

Trying to help a Windows/XP user (with dos peachtree)   move to linux
and still use the old software. (with 35 years of records).

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