Illegal op ff e8 2c in newer dosemu

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I'm trying to run the NewViews 1.41b accounting program, which has been
happily working in dosemu / DR DOS v6.0 for years.  Now it gives an Illegal
Op error and exits when trying to open the accounts books directory.

The machine is running ubuntu/x86_64, and NewViews works correctly up to
package version dosemu_1.4.0+svn.1999-1 but the next package release
does not work (dosemu_1.4.0.7+20130105+b028d3f-1).

The following excerpt from the boot.log was with the latest git tree from the
'devel' branch.  The Illegal Op is always the same, although the CPU exception
code seems to vary depending on the release of dosemu.  Various parts of the
application can be navigated through, but as soon as the directory containing
the accounting books is selected the crash occurs.  I presume it is scanning
the directory and opening files.

I tried various cpu emulation options.  I also found one similar crash report in
the bug system that mentioned setting vm.mmap_min_addr to 0.  Neither
option helped.

Excerpt from boot.log follows.
The full Debug +a log is at

Please let me know if any other info might help.

!!! Illegal op ff e8 2c
CPU exception 0x0d err=0x00000000 cr2=00013aee eip=00472bda
ERROR: unexpected CPU exception 0x0d err=0x00000000 cr2=00013aee while
in vm86 (DOS)

Program=sigsegv.c, Line=200
EIP: 04f5:0000460f ESP: 23a9:000039e2  VFLAGS(b): 00000 00110111 00000110
EAX: 00008400 EBX: 00000012 ECX: 00006662 EDX: 00000000 VFLAGS(h): 00003706
ESI: 0000274f EDI: 0000069d EBP: 000039f6 DS: 274f ES: 0288 FS: 0000 GS: 0000
STACK: 80 c0 4f 27 9d 06 f6 39 4f 27 -> 00 00 f5 04 88 02 46 32 2c 03
OPS  : 0e 0a 00 00 89 0e 0c 0a e9 52 -> ff e8 2c 01 c7 06 06 0a 0e 00
        ffe8                04f5:460f jmp  far ax

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