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Here is another update - compiled again 1.4:

System was clean, no traces of dosemu. configure and make, make install was OK.

(1) .dosemu directory is empty on my home or root
(2) No dosemu directory is created, therefore there is no log file

Running dosemu command after make install either from root or from home user nothing happens except cpu usage shows "user" usage, and Ctr-C stops it, I'm back at command prompt. No initial conversation about setting up home directory or accepting freedos license terms.

[apu@Andraslinux dosemu-1.4.0]$ su -c "make install > dosemu_install.txt"
[apu@Andraslinux dosemu-1.4.0]$ su -c dosemu
[apu@Andraslinux dosemu-1.4.0]$ dosemu

[apu@Andraslinux dosemu-1.4.0]$

This all is from within X environment, running from xterm. I created the dosemu_install.txt log file just to preserve what was happening during make install.

It seems to me that dosemu program does not even get to trying to open a window, a dos terminal. It is stuck before opening the dos terminal or "booting into" dos. When I tested your rpm installation of 1.2 it did open up a dos terminal, the black window, but then it got stuck and I could not kill it with Ctr-C.

It looks like freedos is installed on /user/local/share/dosemu/drive_z.

Is there a path issue here?


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