Re: VESA mode 0x10B - 132 columns × 50 rows - is it possible?

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Felix Miata wrote:
> On 2014-04-08 07:39 (GMT+0200) Frantisek Hanzlik composed:
>> first, thanks for developing and evolving this powerfull SW piece!
>> And now my current research (so far in vain): I want my DOS text app
>> run in text mode with resolution 132 columns × 50 rows - which should
>> be VESA 2.0 (maybe as early as VESA 1.2) mode 0x10B, according e.g.:
>> but so far I'm unsuccessfull (except in the case when I run DOSEMU in
>> console mode in console/X window with this resolution, but this is
>> perhaps obvious).
>> Nevertheless, modes 0x10A (132 x 43) and 0x010C 132 x 60 are working
>> fine under xdosemu. Problem I have only with this 132 x 50 mode.
>> I'm using DOSEMU + FreeDOS 1.0, and thus potentially may be problem
>> in FreeDOS, but I suspect rather DOSEMU, as:
>> 1) when I run commands 'mode con cols=132 lines=43', resp. 'mode con
>> cols=132 lines=60', I will get responses:
>> VESA 2.0 'DOSEMU VGA/VBE 2.0 Emulator', mode 0x0003, 4096k for BIOS, 57
>> modes.
>> VESA mode 0x010A: 132 x 43 with 8 x 11 font.
>> resp.
>> VESA 2.0 'DOSEMU VGA/VBE 2.0 Emulator', mode 0x0003, 4096k for BIOS, 57
>> modes.
>> VESA mode 0x010C: 132 x 60 with 8 x 8 font.
>> and right mode is set.
>> But after 'mode con cols=132 lines=50' command, resolution changes to
>> 80 cols x 50 lines (i.e. not 132x50, as I want) and command output is:
>> VESA 2.0 'DOSEMU VGA/VBE 2.0 Emulator', mode 0x0003, 4096k for BIOS, 57
>> modes.
>> Using VGA 400 line resolution.
>> (this second line is totally different than in previous two cases)
>> 2) When I grep DOSEMU source codes to '132' string, there is something
>> what may bear on 132xNN text mode in 'src/env/video/vgaemu_modelist.h'.
>> But it seems as 132x50 mode there isn't present... or am I wrong?
>> Maybe because Trident 8900, it seems, could not do 132x50 mode? But
>> what some VBE modes at vga_mode_table end? It would be possible for this
>> to be used?
> I don't "know", but I suspect the answer will be no. Look at these two
> setup files for QPro DOS and PDox DOS:
> You can see there are no listings for Trident for 50 row. AFAICT, Trident
> never implemented VESA modes, offering only its proprietary modes, at
> least not as of the 9440 series or maybe one newer version I don't any
> more recall. I can't recall ever personally encountering a gfxcard that
> supported 132x50 via VESA (but don't trust my recollection). What I'm
> using now for DOS in OS/2 is ATI's proprietary 132x44 mode with an X600
> PCIe card. My attempts to get acceptable video behavior and disk I/O speed
> a few years ago out of FreeDOS directly or in any VM under Linux proved a
> big disappointment. DOS in OS/2 is fabulously fast in all regards, while
> OS/2 in its eComStation incarnation provides access to modern apps. If you
> really need 132x50 I suspect you need something other than Trident. I'm
> not sure anything other than ATI made since last century supports anything
> other than 132x43 and/or 132x25, if that (certainly not from NVidia, which
> only came into existence long after the big commercial DOS app developers
> all retired).

Felix, thank You for reply. Of course, I can live with only 132x43
and 132x60 mode, but 132x50 mode would be for several aspects better.
And I'm not sure whether in DOSEMU (I must use it, as Linux is for
years my only OS and I love both) is only that Trident 8900 emulation
or is possible solve things somehow else (there are some hopefully
sounding source files as 'video/vbe.c', 'video/vesa.c' etc., thus
maybe situation isn't so bad).
And maybe, it is possible set resolution with some external utilities
or TSRs for VESA/VBE setting - but I think this probably will not
work under X Window system, as I want.
My problem is, that DOSEMU emulator is (for me as outsider and not
programmer) very complex program with many operational modes, with
respect to support several CPU use/emulation modes and several video,
filesystem access, sound, network etc. access modes, and for
understanding its work and possibilities is necessary good DOS, Linux,
and all PC HW knowledge. Thus maybe only Bart and Stas know all its
particularities - honor and praise for them.

Franta Hanzlik

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