32/64bits emulation questions.

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Hello list.

Currently I am maintaining a project which compiles with the old Borland Turbo C++ tools (v3.1). I intend to move a full linux dev environment in the short term. I have been running some tests with dosemu with very promising outcomes, even allowing me to compile the full project through a gnu-makefile setup, running the compiler via dosemu -dumb. These tests show a very nice performance in 32bits machines, but very poor in 64bits machines. From what I've read around there, I think this problem is due to dosemu emulating code instead of using CPU virtualization. As I didn't find too much in-depth info on this, I thought asking in the list would be a good idea:

* Is this true? Will dosemu use the CPU emulator instead of virtualization on x86-64? Or am I just plain wrong? * Is there any know workaround for this issue? I recently found http://v86-64.sourceforge.net/ but really couldn't get it to compile under latest kernels. * Would running dosemu under a 32bits (virtualbox) virtual machine be of any help to my purposes?

Regards and thank you all.
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