DOSEMU and memory-mapped IO

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So I've got a strange idea, and want to run it by folks smarter than me
before I get too far down the rabbit hole.

I have a lot of old DOS test and calibration software that works by
being told where to find an ISA-VME bridge in real mode memory.  It
then opens up a pointer to it and goes about performing transactions,
happy as you like.  No drivers, no nothing.

I'd like to try to migrate that software to a DOSEMU installation
instead.  I've got a new PCIe-VME bridge, with drivers that create a
device in /dev that can be mmap'ed from Linux applications (it's just
all of BAR1).  If I could, for instance, declare 0xB0000-0xC0000 inside
the DOSEMU environment to point to offset 0x10000-0x20000
of /dev/v120_v0, I'd be in all manner of business.

So I guess I've got two questions. A) Is this doable with DOSEMU as is,
and B) if not, is it doable with some non-heroic amount of code


Rob Gaddi, Highland Technology
18 Otis St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
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