Re: DOSEMU Version 2 has been Released (DevynCJohnson@xxxxxxxxx)

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Devyn Collier Johnson wrote:
> Aloha DOSEMU Users!
> I want to info everyone that DOSEMU has been released and is no longer
> abandonware. Feel free to contribute to the new DOSEMU team and help
> DOSEMU compete with DOSbox.
> Mahalo,
> Devyn Collier Johnson
> DevynCJohnson@xxxxxxxxx

DOSEMU isn't abandonware, You are perhaps not inform and not keep
track with it. DOSEMU evolves and bugs are solved - You can see
bug tracer. If You want help to further improve it, You can and IMO
will be welcome in its developer team - there is no need and perhaps
no reason fork it.
I remember case of wodim - unfortunate fork of cdrecord. Although
some distros was accepted this fork, wodim *was* (and maybe is still)
abandonware, moreover with lot of bugs and degraded functionality
contrary to original (well maintained) cdrecord. Thus I think, most
of forks are foolish and inefficient dissipation of energy and time.
My two cents, cheers,
Franta Hanzlik

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