Re: how debug DOSEMU crash?

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Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:
> ...

Weird... When I run:

gdb /usr/bin/dosemu.bin
(gdb) run -X -p

(which perhaps is same as start with (x)dosemu script), then DOSEMU
is not crashing and I can enter commands to its FreeDOS and all seems
works fine. But running without gdb ends with crash as described
in previous email.

Isn't it some other sort of not long ago tackled problem in thread
"dosemu-1.4.0-11.2053svn on Fedora 15 x86 won't start"?

How now? I have installed debuginfo file (see below), should I start
learning gdb or can anyone give quick touch in right direction?

Thanks, Franta Hanzlik
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