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El 21/10/11 15:00, Robert Supansic escribió:
Ivan Baldo wrote:
Make sure that the DOSEmu configuration file doesn't have $_cpu_emu option uncommented (without #) and thats it.
    You don't need SIMX86.EXE.
The $_cpu_emu configuration variable does not exist in my dosemu.conf file. It is not mentioned in any documentation of my version of DOSemu (version I have not been able to find any reference to it in the on-line documentation for version 1.2 or version 1.4.
    It is on my dosemu.conf.

# Usage of cpu emulation: "off" (requires /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr= 0),
# "vm86" only (default) or "full" (vm86 and DPMI, experimental!).
# Use "vm86sim" or "fullsim" to use simulation instead of JIT code generation.

# $_cpu_emu = "vm86"
Are these comments your own or are the taken from your dosemu.conf file?
    Thats an extract from my dosemu.conf file.

If you still have problems, please send your .dosemu/boot.log file.
-----Text of my boot.log file-------
CONF: config variable parser_version_3 set
CONF: config variable c_system set
CONF: Parsing built-in dosemu.conf file.
CONF: config variable version_3_style_used set
CONF: Parsing built-in global.conf file.
CONF: config variable version_3_style_used unset
CONF: config variable version_3_style_used set
CONF: opened include file /etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf
CONF: closed include file /etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf
debug flags: -a+cw
CONF: Disabling use of pentium timer
CONF: dosbanner on
CONF: timer freq=18, update=54925
CONF: CPU set to 586
CONF: 8192k bytes XMS memory
CONF: 2048k bytes EMS memory
CONF: EMS-frame = 0xe000
CONF: DPMI-Server on
CONF: dosemu running on console
SER: directory /var/lock namestub LCK.. binary No
MOUSE: no device specified, type 0 using internaldriver: yes, emulate3buttons: no baudrate: 0
CONF: Keyboard-layout keyb-user
CONF: Keyboard-layout auto
device: /dev/fd0 type 2 h: 0  s: 0   t: 0 floppy A:
CONF: fastfloppy = 1
CONF: IPX support off
CONF(LPT0) f: (null)   c: lpr  o: -Plp  t: 20  port: 0
CONF: not allowing speaker port access
CONF: Packet Driver disabled.
device: /root/.dosemu/drives/c type 4 h: -1  s: -1   t: -1 drive C:
CONF: config variable c_system unset
CONF: running exclusively as ROOT: uid=0 (cached 0) gid=0 (cached 0)
DBG_FD already set
DOSEMU- is coming up on Linux version 2.6.13-15-default
----End of boot.log file-----

    In my boot.log I have the following 2 lines:
WARN: vm86plus service not available in your kernel
WARN: using CPU emulation for vm86()

Maybe thats a feature of DOSEMU 1.4 only and is not available in Try DOSEmu 1.4, it should fix the problem and run fine under a 64bit kernel without the need for SIMX86.EXE.

Thank you for your help.

    You are welcome!
    Good luck!

Ivan Baldo - ibaldo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -
From Montevideo, Uruguay, at the south of South America.
Freelance programmer and GNU/Linux system administrator, hire me!
Alternatives: ibaldo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -

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