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Alin Rus wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to write some dos batch script for manipulating some paths.
> I haven't done this in years so I might be rusty.
> The path is relative and given from the command line as argument
> @echo off
> set wpath=%1
> @echo.%wpath%
> set newpath=%wpath:~0,-4%
> @echo.%newpath%
> The thing I'm trying to accomplish is to get rid of the extension
> script.bat whatever/test.txt
> whatever/test.txt
> whatever/test
> But I'm getting
> script.bat whatever/test.txt
> whatever/test.txt
> <emptyline>
> I'm using dosemu- and this [1] as a reference.
> [1]
> Regards,

Hello Alin,

it seems as scripts at referenced are for cmd.exe
shell in win xp and newer. Thus examples there mentioned will not
work at win 95/98/me and of course at neither version of MS DOS up
to last 6.22.

I think You may solve this string manipulation task

1) with some external programs, which are able do string manipulation
 - You can find them e.g. on

2) maybe some shell replacement is able do it too.

3) other way may be use awk for DOS for creating some.bat file
in form:

set newpath=SomeAWKcreatedString

and then call it for setting newpath:

call some.bat

Best, Franta
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