Re: dosemu-1.4.0-11.2053svn on Fedora 15 x86 won't start

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Bart Oldeman wrote:
> Lars Bjørndal wrote:
>> It's not created. Nor is there any output in the .dosemu/run directory.
> I think I fixed the problem in SVN 2058. It's up to Justin Zygmont now
> to produce new RPMFusion binaries.
> Bart

SVN 2058 works for me. But, maybe it is curious, as I wrote before,
self-compiled svn 2055 and 2053 are working for me too. And when I
was now installed dosemu-1.4.0-11.2053svn.fc15.i686.rpm from rpmfusion,
it hangs as Lars was describing.

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