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I am running dosemu under ubuntu 10.10 - version

Anyway, I have a samba share mounted as /mnt/di. I have attempted to
set that up as drive E: in msdos, by putting a symlink in

   e -> /mnt/di

Dosemu fails to start, complaining that "Disk-device/file does not

However, if I make a directory called "/mnt/foo", put in it a symlink to
/mnt/di called "link", then dosemu starts fine, and e:/link contains
all of the files on the samba share. 

   e -> /mnt/foo
     /mnt/foo/link -> /mnt/di

However, the application I am trying to run needs to see those files
as just e:

How to proceed?

Thanks for any help!

Scott Swanson
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