Dosemu blazingly fast on one computer, slow on another

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Hi all,

Here's an odd situation with two computers, one a desktop the other a
laptop both running Ubuntu 10.10 (Kernel 2.6.5-23-generic 32bit) and
dosemu 1.4.0.  Both have the same configuration files and I have
installed the DOS-based accounting program.

On the desktop computer the accounting program operates perfectly.
>From lauching dosemu to when the program opens takes less than 2

On the laptop simple commands like "dir" can take 2 to 3 seconds to
execute.  From launch to when the program opens takes up to 2 minutes.

Aside from one being a desktop and the other a laptop, the main
difference is that the desktop is a single core Intel processor while
the laptop has an AMD Turion X2 64 (dual core) processor.  I have set
the hogthreshold setting to 0, the cpuspeed to 0 with no noticeable
difference.  I have even tried using taskset to force the program to
use just one core.

Can anyone think of any reason why dosemu on one computer is blazingly
fast and on the other is disappointingly slow?

Thanks for any assistance,
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