Re: Invalid Opcode with BBE Lite on AMD64 (Ubuntu 10.10)

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Am 06.07.2010 16:46, schrieb Frederic Herman:
I have not been able to use dosemu for a long time, through a couple of
versions of Fedora: FC11 and now FC12 with my x64_64 system. I have had
to run my legacy BPI accounting package on a i386 system remotely
through a ssh session to use it.

I also tried building DosEmu from source, but I had the same op code

I also get op code errors, although different ones with the x86_64
system. In my case, the problem may be due to my x86_64 system being an
AMD processor. I don't have an Intel x86_64 system to try to see if it's
the AMD or just an x86_64 memory emulation issue. Is yours an AMD or an

There were some errors in the emulation code, even in the latest revsion of dosemu. All I know of (except 1, for which an patch exits on are corrected in the latest svn.
I can run my 32-bit dpmi program and my 16-bit dpmi programs without
op code errors, both in full simulation and in jit mode.
My computer has an Intel processesor, but the bugs were on both architectures.

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