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I have compiled dosEMU from the latest truck source. All indications were a successful build. My system is a multicore x86_64 AMD Opteron running a stock Fedora FC11 kernel. I can start dosEMU normally. When I try to run a dos accounting package that I have been running OK for a number of years under previous versions of dosEMU, I get op code errors:

Invalid Opcode at 99E3 1F9C 3216 1813 00DF 1813 0000 000 000 ......

I believe that the problem is still due to the x86_64 CPU.

I can run the application on a 32-bit AMD machine on FC11 OK.

I had to kill dosemu manually.  Here is the end of the boot file:

DOSEMU- is coming up on Linux version #1 SMP Thu Aug 27 21:39:52 EDT 2009 x86_64
Compiled with GCC version 4.4.1 -m64
WARN: vm86plus service not available in your kernel
WARN: using CPU emulation for vm86()
CONF: reserving 640Kb at 0x00000 for 'd' (Base DOS memory (first 640K))
CONF: reserving 48Kb at 0xF4000 for 'r' (Dosemu reserved area)
CONF: reserving 128Kb at 0xA0000 for 'v' (Video memory)
CONF: reserving 8256Kb at 0x100000 for 'x' (Extended memory (HMA+XMS))
Registering HWRAM, type=e base=0x41cd3000 size=0x400000
CONF: reserving 4096Kb at 0x41CD3000 for 'e' (VGAEMU LFB)
CONF: reserving 12Kb at 0xC0000 for 'V' (VGAEMU Video BIOS)
SERIAL $Id: ser_init.c 1769 2007-05-04 05:59:48Z bartoldeman $
CONF: detected layout is "auto"
CONF: detected alternate layout: (null)
CONF: reserving 64Kb at 0xE4000 for 'E' (EMS page frame)
CONF: reserving 132Kb at 0xC3000 for 'U' (Upper Memory Block (UMB, XMS 3.0))
TIME: using 9154 usec for updating ALRM timer
======================= ENTER CPU-EMU ===============

!!! Illegal op ff ff ff
CPU exception 0x06 err=0x00000000 cr2=00017e6d eip=000093a3
SIGILL while in vm86(): 1f9c:99e3
leavedos(0|0x0) called - shutting down
======================= LEAVE CPU-EMU ===============
Total cpuemu time         19020119 us (incl.trace)
Total codgen time            85756 us
Total linker time          1177867 us
Total exec   time          3177082 us (incl.faults)
Total insert time            73015 us
Total search time          1122576 us
Total clean  time            39115 us
Max tree nodes                2243
Max node size                  520
Max tree depth                  13
Nodes parsed                 82002
Find misses                  90743
Nodes executed            23989537
Find hits                 19740180 (82%)
Find last hits             4249357 (17%)
Page faults                  27715
Signals received              4955
Tree cleanups                   16

I can run the application remotely on the other AMD machine, but I really need to get it to run on my workstation.

Any suggestions?


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