Re: RPM Binary for FC11 x86_64 (AMD)?

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I mean using a 32 bit dosemu from your x86_64 system.  It can still
run 32 bit binaries the same, even on a 64 bit kernel and CPU.  The
rpm is in the rpmfusion repo for Fedora 10, and if that doesnt work
for you, I would try to just download compile the latest SVN instead.

> I'm also not sure I understand when you asked about compiling 32 bit.  I do
> have a 32 version of dosemu that works on a 32 bit AMD cpu. But I need the
> problem to work on my workstation which is x86_64.
> Thank you for your help.
> Fred
> solarflow99 wrote:
>> can you compile 32 bit?  That should still work.
>> On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 1:52 PM, Frederic Herman
>> <fherman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I haven't been able to find the rpm you mention that is built for a 64
>>> bit
>>> (x86_64) AMD cpu architecture.  I am able to use the latest stable
>>> release
>>> for Dosemu on an AMD 32 bit architecture (old machine.)  But I really
>>> need
>>> it to work on the 64 bit architecture.  I believe the primary problem is
>>> the
>>> lack of vm86 support for the stock Fedora kernel for the cpu architecture
>>> I
>>> indicated.
>>> I did try to compile Dosemu using the source rpm, but it failed at the
>>> end
>>> of the "make" phase.  I don't have the expertise to understand why.
>>> So any help in finding a stable binary for my architecture would ehlp.
>>> Fred
>>> solarflow99 wrote:
>>>> oh, you were using  You will have much better results to
>>>> download and compile the latest out of SVN, if you dont want to
>>>> compile yourself, I have a RPM in rpmfusion (svn 1988), its for Fedora
>>>> 10, still didn't get a chance to build one for F11 yet but it should
>>>> work fine.
> <snip>
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