piping escape into dosemu

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Hi all,

I'm sorry, the crappy webmail service of my e-mail provider messed up
my last message, so here it is again from a different mail account:

I'm using the -U switch to pipe keyboard input into dosemu. I'm
starting dosemu like

  dosemu -U dospipe

and can then pipe keystrokes like

  echo "keystroke dir\r" > dospipe

Are all keystrokes encoded the same way as described for the -input
switch[1]? I'm trying to pipe the escape key, but

  echo "keystroke \^[" > dospipe

doesn't seem to do anything. Any suggestions? By the way, how can I
pipe a single space character?

Thanks in advance!

Thomas W.

[1] http://dosemu.sourceforge.net/docs/README/1.4/x724.html#AEN748
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