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Marco Sarzi Madidini wrote:
I have a big trouble, i have 5 pc with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Client
release 5.3 (32 bit version - kernel 2.6.18-128.el5 ) and dosemu 1.4.0 with
a common problem, a segmentation fault at startup of dosemu or xdosemu. All
the machines are based on intel e5200 / e5300 cpu, 1gb ddr2 ram, a serial
ata 2 hitachi disk ( 250 gb ) and a mainboard with an intel g31 chipset. I
have just run many test and the fault it seems depend from the hard disk
used. when i change sata disk with a pata disk the problem stops, but not
all the sata disk cause the crash.
Where can I read any dosemu  logfiles ??? Can you solve my problem quickly
??? Thanks for your disponibility. I'm waiting for an answer. Thanks.

Sarzi Madidini Marco
S.A.E. International, Impianti Zootecnici Computerizzati
Via Papa Giovanni XXIII N°39
46010 Cesole di Marcaria (MN), ITALIA
Tel. 0376/969287 Fax 0376/969288

Dosemu log file is "~/.dosemu/boot.log" (in user's homedir).
Is possible set various debug levels and groups - see
/etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf and documentation.
Why should be disk problem? You are doing some direct hardware access?
What are your config files? You are setting any unusual things?

Franta Hanzlík
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