paste in dosemu 1.4 under Ubuntu Jaunty

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I have an odl dos application I use dosemu to run. It is a sort of database and it runs very well with dosemu.

however cut and paste is very very erratic and it is very useful for me to be able to cut from text displayed under ubuntu and be able to paste into the dosemu window.

pasting by pushing both left and right mouse buttons at the same time is consistant for me in a linux shell window but very unpredictable with dosemu.

any suggestions would be appreciated as retyping things takes more time and introduces typos.

Thanks again.

what kind of problems are you encountering? you know there's a difference between DOS text and Unix text, right?

for my own purposes, I've created a batchfile while converts the contents of the clipboard from Unix to DOS format, and then writes the reformatted clipboard contents to a textfile, which I then merge into the desired place in my DOS app. I can point you in the right direction if you're curious.

-rafe t.
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