is possible handling upper and lower case with dosemu

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hi, we are migrating a dos application to samba servers and dosemu
clients, the program need all files in upper case, with samba i can
use: "default case = upper". but some clients run the application in
the server via SSH/dosemu, with this clients i have a problem: dosemu
write directly to my EXT4 in lower case, in dosemu the file is
"writed" in upper case but when i see the file via bash the file is in
lower case, how i can change this?.
for example with dosemu we have another problem, the file is writed
with -rw-r--r-- mask, but if we run:
$ umask 000
$ dosemu
the problem is resolt the file is writed with xrwxrwxrw

so the solution it can be from dosemu configuration or using a
external program, only i need upper case files!!! :D.


Juan Matias Granda
GPG FINGERPRINT:459C 4A2D 330C CB8C 0C44 0C3A 572C CBCA 5457 508B
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