Re: freezes when not emulating CPU

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18.09.2009 00:37, Samuel Bronson wrote:
Well, I believe that's essentially what Intel suggests OSes do on
task-switch -- leave some flag set/cleared that will cause the next FP
operation to give an exception so that it can switch the FP registers
at that time. Whether or not this would be a good idea for DOSEMU
depends on how often you do a vm86 call vs how often the FP registers
are needed, and on how expensive it is to actually enter a state from
which the next FP access will cause a signal compared to just doing
the reload each time.
dosemu is not interrupted by the DOS
code, so the full reload is never really
needed. You just need the "known good state",
rather than the "full previous state".
If whatever is needed is only fninit/ldmxcsr,
then I guess it is just cool.
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