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On 15 Sep 2009 at 13:53, Richard wrote:
> dosemu.bin -V -s -d
Thanks for that gem, Richard :-) Thanks for pushing me in the right 

I thought I didn't need "-s" if I was logged in as root (because I 
noticed that that way, DOSEMU asks for /usr/bin/sudo). This is not 
entirely true, there's more to "-s" than just the sudo. It 
effectively tells DOSEMU "don't be shy, feel free to do all the stuff 
that you need the root privileges for".
I.e., without -s, DOSEMU probably doesn't even pass the direct VGA HW 
accesses through to the VGA hardware. That's why the screen appeared 
as a videoRAM dump containing pixels, but displayed in text mode. 
Precisely what it was :-))

-V looks like a "video mode sanitizer", can't say if it has any 
effect in my case or not...

-d = "detach". I can see that the dosemu command returns to the shell 
immediately, but only after it has "forked a demon", that in turn 
attaches to the first free virtual console. It also switches you 
straight to the newly picked console that dosemu has attached to, so 
you don't quite notice, until you try switching consoles using 
CTRL+ALT+Fx :-) 
Without "-d", dosemu merely stays attached to the virtual console it 
was started from.
There's one thing I haven't tested yet: if the "detached" state also 
means "nohup" :-) I have no use for that feature anyway.

I don't know if it's due to -V or essentially a result of -s alone, 
but my LCD display now shows significant pauses of "no signal" (two 
seconds or so) as the VGA modes change. => Everything seems to be 
working allright :-)

Frank Rysanek

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