freezes when not emulating CPU (was: MIDI input patch)

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There is another problem with Score that only occurs when the CPU is not emulated.  I have a workaround now, but it would certainly still be good to spot the problem.  Maybe the two problems are related?

This time the problem occurs in some situations when switching from text to graphics mode.  Sometime Score freezes, just like when trying to get into input mode a second time.  

I ran 
  dosemu -D+v -input 'd:\\scor4\\scor4\r\^[1 1\r\F1;'
With F1 a help text is called and the display is set to "console mode" or however you would call it.  Then I manually pressed escape (because \^[ for some reason was not recognized as escape key).  The screen returns to graphics mode and results in a freeze when run natively.  The screen isn't fully redrawn yet at this point.  Score manages to write some text in "DOS font" at the bottom of the screen and redraws all the music, but fails to write missing "DOS text" at the top of the screen.

I thought this might have something to do with video.  However, I did a diff to the logs and there is hardly any difference, only some update_graphics_screen messages at different places - I guess this is normal.

If anyone wants to investigate this further, I am happy to help as good as I can.

Thomas W.
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