Re: dosemu graphics problem

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Hello David,

>  ERROR: Port 0xac1c is not available (outw), "save_vga_state" failed.
>  Adjust your dosemu.conf
>  leavedos(46|0x2e) called - shutting down
> Unfortunately I have no idea what port 0xac1c is.  Have you any
> suggestions for finding out more.

You can run "lspci -v" to figure it out. Perhaps you see something like
I/O ports at ac1c [size=4]
 I/O ports at 9e00 [size=8]
for the host bridge (that was what google turned up for me).
Apparently the VGA BIOS accesses this hardware, so you'd need to set
those ranges in the $_ports setting in dosemu.conf.

In the above case that would be
$_ports = "range 0xac1c,0xac1f range 0x9e00,0x9e7"

Warning: this direct hardware access is a bit dangerous! Though it is
not unusual to get the machine hung, in some very rare cases hardware
may be damaged (in real DOS the same thing could happen though, as all
apps have full hardware access).

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