Re: Which function handles copying into the video ram?

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2009/5/28 Ingo Brueckl <ib@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I assume that the program does its video output by copying directly into the
> vga graphics memory (text mode), because it is (and always was) very speedy.
> What I'd like to do now: If the programs is going to copy some certain
> characters with some certain color attribute to the screen, I want to change
> the character, e. g. I need to hook into the dosemu function that is called
> for 'copying into the video ram'.
> Could someone please tell me where I can find this function and what its name
> is?

Perhaps you are looking for
static void draw_string(int x, int y, char *text, int len, Bit8u attr)

In this file are the routines that read the video ram. But DOS
programs just write into the video ram directly, there is no DOSEMU
routine involved there, it's just a chunk of memory that DOSEMU reads
at intervals to update the screen.

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