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Here is my final patch from the promissed group of 3. With these 3, I can use Dosemu as should be :)

All are against current SVN 1890

I hope that I these make their way to SVN

This patch adds 2 fonts for CodePage 850 (latin1), mostly used in Brazil and Latin countries.

These fonts are GPL, copied from the Debian project, at <>

If this patch is applied to a directory where dosemu as already been compiled and installed once, these steps are necessary for the new fonts to be installed:
1) delete ALL .pcf.gz from directory dosemu/etc
2) delete the directory /usr/local/share/dosemu/Xfonts
3) recompile and reinstall dosemu: make; sudo make install

These fonts were chosen for practical reasons: the 8x14 is exactly the same as the original PC font, so it behaves very well. The other is bigger (Bart's suggestion) chosen for good aspect.

I use these dayly for a few years (the 8x14), the are very good.

Alain Mouette
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