Brazilian ABNT keyboard patch

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after 2 days of study and of poking around, I made a patch for
Barzil-ABNT2 keyboard. at: <>

I hope that it finds it's way to fortcoming version 4.1.0

I will add 2 more patches, one for CP850 and another for the old 43-lines problem

This fixes Brazil-ABNT keyboards. It adds 2 more keys, scancodes 73h and
7dh. One exists in jamanese keyboard and the other is exclusive.

No setup is needed in dosemu.conf. KEYB is needed, I temporarily uploaded it here:
Use in AUTOEXEC.BAT with the files above.:
  lh c:\dos\keyb br,850,c:\DOS\BR.KL
This layout will be included in FreeDOS 1.1

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