Accesing files from a mounted CIFS share - not working?

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Hi to all;

I'm using various GNU/Linux distros, specifically Debian Etch and Ubuntu 
Intrepid Ibex, both with Dosemu 1.4.0 installed and running.

I have a CIFS share, which both distros mount as /mnt/remote (with full R/W 
permissions), and contains some DOS-programs and files used by those 
programs. I setup my "C drive" like this:
the dir "freedos" containing the OS, the dir "local" just for testing 
purposes, and "remote" being a symlink to /mnt/remote.

In Debian, I can cd into "c:\remote" and run the DOS-programs and edit my 
DOS-files in the share just fine. 

But not in Ubuntu. I can cd into "c\remote", but when I try to run any 
DOS-program in the share, it just shows the prompt again. And, when I try to 
edit the DOS-files, or even try a "type DOS-file.txt", I get a "File not 
found" error.

Note that I get those errors working with the files in the share, but when I 
copy the same files out of "c:\remote" (into my local disk, let's say 
into "c:\local"), everything works! Then I can edit my files and run my 

A Dosemu/CIFS/Ubuntu related problem? Any pointing in the right direction will 
be apreciated :-)

Hugo Segovia
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