Re: What is error 103?

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Dave Rager wrote:

I am trying run a small 16 bit test program written in asm and
compiled as a .com file.
I have 2 test machines that each are running dosemu The test program
runs on one machine but not the other.

The machine that works is an old RH9 with the stock 2.4.20-8 kernel on a PIII

The machine that fails is a new Ubuntu with the stock 2.6.24-19 kernel
on a 64 bit P4.

I strongly suspect it is a processor issue but I only receive this
highly descriptive error:

ERROR: EMU86: error 103

I've found nothing searching for "error 103" in the list archives and
Google turns up
something about Leisure Suit Larry causing the error but no
explanation of the cause.

What does this error mean?


One big difference between Your old system and newer one is software
emulation of VM86 (in DOSEMU) on 64 bit machine, including CPU emulation.
Problem may be in this emulation implementation, see DOSEMU source code
under src/emu-i386/simx86 - it seems as some sort of jump problem.
You may also tried compile DOSEMU from SVN, which is including several
patches from virgin 1.4.0, and/or debugging it.

Franta Hanzlik
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