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Javier Tarifa wrote:
I'd like to know exactly how was compiled the binary distribution that
you get when you download dosemu-1.4.0-bin.tgz.
I've done a little change to the terminal code and when I a run a
program with my own compiled version, the program dies saying something
about too many users when I have more than one dosemu running it. But
when I use the binary distribution this doesn't happen, I can have
multiple dosemus using it without problems.
Can someone help me?
You want run multiple dosemus under one user account? Then maybe will
be usefull start individual instances with unique "-o logfile" log file
specification (instead of default "~/.dosemu/boot.log"). Or You can
specify log/debug filespec in individual .dosemurc files with option
"$_debugout = "filespec".

Although I use and have dosemu 1.4 compiled for several Fedora distributions,
and it works fine when simultaneously run couple of them from one user,
even without specifying different boot.log file - they all use implicit
one (lsof says)(it's smut way, but dosemus curiously works)

You can too look for my build options in RPM .spec files at:

Franta Hanzlik
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